About ET-utfitters

Enterprise Technology Outfitters (ET) is an IT solution provider. Our primary focus is on commercial, education and government organizations ranging in size from SMB to Enterprise.

ET was founded in 2011 by a group of four IT specialist with some 90 years of IT support experience between them. The founding partners came together with the goal of starting a company that would focus on delivering the best possible IT solution for customers. Our stated goal is to deliver scalable, high efficient and easy to manage IT solutions for customers ranging from single server solutions to full data center solutions.

ET knows that we can help our customers transform/maintain their IT infrastructure in a cost efficient manner, well managed and also meet any specialized regulatory demands of our customers.

Our goal with every customer is to help them grow, reach and maintain their business goals by helping them take the pain out of their IT structure. Ultimately, ET's primary goal is to help our customers be successful with ET as their IT solutions provider.

The primary differentiator for ET is years of solid experience in the IT world with an in house set of very deep IT specific skills.